Try to go a single week without hearing about a major cybersecurity breach somewhere in the world. The worst part is no business is immune. However, many breaches could be prevented through penetration testing. Simply having strong firewalls and the best possible network security protocols aren’t always enough. You have to test to see what types of vulnerabilities hackers could exploit and how much damage they could do. To prove this point, let’s take a look at some of the major cybersecurity breaches of 2018 that penetration testing could have prevented. Adidas Breach In June 2018, Adidas had to announce that some of its customer data had been stolen. Email address, passwords and user names were all compromised. Luckily, no credit card details were exposed. The surprisingly limited details simply showcase the company’s confusion as to what happened and how. It’s a prime example of why penetration testing is a necessity. If Adidas had this in place, they would have known about the vulnerability before anyone could take advantage of it. Ticketmaster Breach In June 2018 (June was a very busy month for hackers), the UK side of Ticketmaster suffered a major cybersecurity breach. While it was fewer than 5% of the total customer base worldwide, it still affected tens of thousands of customers. Everything from passwords to payment details were stolen ranging from February to June of 2018. While this may not immediately seem like a penetration testing issue, The Hacker News showcased the blame game between the compromised Inbenta Technologies chat client and Ticketmaster. According to Inbenta, a custom piece of JavaScript code was to blame (putting the blame back on Ticketmaster). Penetration testing could have uncovered this flaw as it was a […]